Angel Mega

Angel Mega

About the Angel Mega

Angel Mega is a natural herb mixture that is used in curing of Painful cramps, Miscarriage, Irritability and destructive mood swings. The Angel Mega is predominantly used by Woman of all ages with any of the symptoms or Indications below.

1. Painful cramps
3. Irritability
4. Destructive mood swings

It is used to prepare Nsala soup
1. Put the four stems inside a pot
2. Add other ingredients needed for Nsala soup
3. Do not add oil of any kind
4. Remove the four stems after cooking and sun-dry it
5. Repeat step 1-4 for four times

The Nsala soup is to be taken twice in a week for four weeks. It is recommended to eat the soup at night on the first day and in the morning the next day. You may eat only the soup or eat with swallow.

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