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AngelMed in Partnership with Superlife brings a long lasting solution to some health-related issues in both Men and Women which ranges from PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) to Stem Cell. In just a few short weeks of treatment, you can be rid of all the problems stated on this website naturally, permanently, and without drugs (containing harmful substances) of any kind. All of our products have been tested and found working with a 100% guarantee.


The idea is to help regulate blood flow in the lower abdomen, normalize smooth muscle contraction, and eliminate cramps.  The idea is to produce natural herbal medicine which will help to prevent various health conditions. You can try it and see how it works best for you for maximum effect.

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From the perspective of Traditional Medicine, excessive menstrual pain is considered a condition of “stagnation.” Stagnation refers to a lack of energy (in this case, blood) flowing through an organ. With menstrual cramps, stagnation is thought to lodge in the lower abdomen and become irritated or activated when the body tries to start shedding tissue. You may wonder why you have to suffer through cramps in the first place.

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The mission of Superlife is to Improve the Health & Well-Being of Communities by Promoting Scientifically Tested Products While Leveraging a Digital Platform Which Empowers SuperLife Members to Attain Sustainable Wealth by Promoting the Products Globally.

They Aim to Build a Holistic SuperLife Ecosystem Underpinned by Strong Spirit of Integrity and Kindredness, Striving for the Pursuit of Excellence in the Areas of Health and Wealth

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